Ghendetta - App of the Year
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Developer: Ghendetta

Price: Free


How to Play

How do you play Ghendetta? Simple. You log in with your foursquare account. If you do not have an account, you can sign up for one.

The Clans

There are four clans in the game: the #Hawks, the #Wolves, the #Panthers and the#Snakes. You will start as an associate in the weakest clan in order to maintain the balance between the clans. Check-ins on Foursquare will be displayed as Battles on your map. Only the last seven days count. So you can lose territory quickly. Be loyal to your clan and your Capo. Fight as many battles as possible. Try to keep your clan’s districts and try to take away districts of other clans by battling in their area. Finally, try to conquer the entire city.

The Rules

Every Foursquare check-in counts as a battle. Every battle within a district also counts as one battle for that particular district. A clan can take over a district when the total number of battles fought by all of the clan members exceeds the number of battles fought by the former ruling clan. The Capo of a clan is the clan member with the highest score within that clan. Do you like some healthy competition? Then battle hard and try to become the next Capo.

When Ghendetta notices an extraordinary high battle rate, your new battle’s contribution to conquer the city will be limited. The further you cross the limit of what we defined as a reasonable amount of battles, the less they will help you to conquer the city or become capo. Ghendetta does not hand out penalties. On this topic you should also read Foursquare’s thoughts on rapid fire and drive-by battles.

We encourage you to plan events or meetings with your fellow associates. It’s a great way to get to know new districts of our favourite city, make new friends, but above all: conquer new districts! Don’t forget: your battles will count for seven days only. So be sure to go back if you don’t want to lose your district.

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