Politiecontrole - App of the Year
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Developer: The Application Store (België)

Price: Free


“All police roadblocks on your iPhone ! 24hrs/24hrs live.


The application can be downloaded for free. Thanks to the community supporting it, the quality of the service is guaranteed, as is not the case with many other similar applications.


“Politiecontrole” is 100% legal and will tell you about all the police roadblocks on your way.


This user-friendly application can be viewed in Mapview or Listview. This application has the most complete information on traffic and police control points and is by far the number 1 in its field.


The app works by means of push notifications (by province), alerting you when there is new information.


An entire team is processing information coming from different sources, such as public information services, the federal police, the media, as well as the Politiecontrole Facebook page. In addition there are more than tens of thousands of enthusiastic road users providing information.


“Politiecontrole” helps you spot the majority of police roadblocks or control points. In case some are missing, you can help us. Each time you notice a control point, tell us about it. In this way you will help us make the application more useful for yourself as well as other users.


The app is offered free of charge for 2 weeks; after that you will be paying 2,99 euro monthly if you want to keep using the application. You can take out a 6-month or 12-month subscription at reduced rates. The Facebook page remains free of charge.


“Politiecontrole” wants to draw the attention to the many police roadblocks and control points; its aim is to make the end users drive more safely. If the app allows people to avoid fines, that is a welcome extra.

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